July 16, 2008

Interlink Asset Solutions Group, LLC

South Florida real estate veterans Mark Ellert and John Anderson announced today the formation
of Interlink Asset Solutions Group, LLC, a firm organized to offer commercial real estate loan
analytics to financial institutions in response to FDIC Compliance Directive 2 2 -2208. The
company’s primary services will include loan diagnostics & forecasting, asset management,
workout and loan transaction support. It’s target market are financial institutions with loan assets
in Florida, with an emphasis on Orlando south through the Florida Keys.

“Directive 22-2208 specifically mandates banks with significant commercial real estate exposure
to bolster their workout capabilities”, Ellert noted in making the announcement. “IASG intends
to operate as a surrogate workout department, allowing bank management to avoid the cost of
adding payroll burdens at a time of extreme stress on bank profitability.”

Mr. Anderson, a prior savings and loan investor and director, spoke first-hand of the environment
IASG intends to operate in. “When dealing with the regulators, it is critical for senior executives
to have experienced third-party real estate analysis to support and defend their analysis of loan
values. IASG brings the broad, credible and seasoned real estate experience that provides an
independent firewall between management and regulators.”

IASG also intends to buy non-performing or defaulted loans. “The number of defaulted
commercial real estate loans is accelerating,” notes Ellert. “We’re looking at a fundamental
restructuring of real estate capital away from federally insured and subsidized banks into the
hands of private capital, and IASG will be actively looking to create loan sale transactions for
itself and other investors.”

Mr. Ellert is President of Ft. Lauderdale based IAG Florida and IAG Realty; Mr. Anderson is
founder of Winter Park based JH Anderson Holdings LLC. Both are active in Central and South
Florida asset management, brokerage, and development with careers that have included affiliation
with major financial and lending organizations.