Finance and Real Estate / Mortgage Brokerage

The brokers at IAG Florida specialize in identifying innovative solutions for challenging deals. The firm’s strengths lie in major transactions that require the unique combination of a thorough understanding of the real estate asset and a broad understanding of the capital markets. Our operating and development/construction expertise makes us “process driven”.

Managing the transaction process governs any successful brokerage effort. Search engines of the information age have made investors and lenders accessible to all. What has not changed is the process of getting your transaction set apart from the field, prioritized and closed.

Our extensive and broad transaction experience demonstrates our ability to accurately assess value and communicate upside potential in the most credible manner to achieve premium results for our clients. The principal marketing challenge is not finding interested capital sources, but inducing the most aggressive prospects to recognize the value and security of an investment offering.

The importance of every dialogue with investors is critical to building the story and the momentum needed to generate “better than market” pricing. It is vital that the appointed advisor is seasoned with the type of transaction at hand and that the advisor keeps the Client completely informed as the process transitions between stages. IAG Florida’s experienced principals understand the characteristics of the flow of information to the market, ensuring that qualified investors receive information while those of lesser priority are managed in a manner which minimizes distractions to the overall process.